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About Me

Based in LA, I am an artist, photographer, model, and filmmaker captivated by the surreal and enigmatic. Drawing inspiration from the twisted landscapes of surrealism, the captivating intricacies of BDSM subculture, the clandestine realms of queer underbellies, and the spine-chilling narratives of horror films, I craft character-driven visions set in saturated and surreal dreamscapes. My work delves into the convergence of these diverse influences, seeking to unravel the complexities and nuances within the realms of pleasure, power, and vulnerability.


Through my lens, I aim to capture the manifest pleasures and visceral terrors of the urban environment. From exploring the magic of film to the allure of the runway, I infuse my creative pursuits with a passion for transporting audiences to extraordinary realms. Currently open to new opportunities, I invite you to delve into my past projects and discover the immersive worlds I've brought to life.

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Screenshot 2023-07-07 at 1.34_edited.jpg
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